Princess Utako
Basic info
Age 15
Birthday December 12
Talent Music
Friends Shizuka, Mai, Takahiro, Ryouta, Daichi, Chibana, Naoko
Occupation Princess
"I feel like the world is against me..."


Princess Utako Nishihime (西姫歌子 Nishihime Utako) is one of the five romanceable love interests for the protagonist. Her talent is music, as she is able to play a variety of instruments and sings quite well.


She has straight blonde hair that goes to the middle of her neck and green eyes. She is also on the taller side among her sisters, despite being the youngest. Her outfit is a short blue dress with brown boots and her tiara.


Utako tends to be the most tomboyish, emphasized by her shorter dress and more laid-back personality. She is also extremely energetic, and easily the most active of the five girls. She is also a bit on the rebellious side, and doesn't really enjoy being proper. Because of this, she is bullied by the rest of her family, though Aya and the Queen seem to be at her throat the most. She also tends to be the most down-to-earth of the princesses, not really caught up in the royal life.


  • She has a gift for music, and is able to play a variety of instruments.
  • She has a good singing voice.
  • She is nearly fluent in English.
  • She is good with computers and technology.


Takahiro starts noticing a decrease in her energy, and asks her what's wrong. She lies, saying she's fine. As time goes on, he notices that she is NOT fine. Near the middle of the route, she simply says she isn't sure what she wants. Takahiro tries to help her, but she refuses to let him, until she has at least worked part of it out herself. Finally, near the end of the route, Utako pulls Takahiro out onto the balcony one night and confesses to him that she isn't sure she wants to be royalty. So much is expected of her, and she is chastised for how she acts. She is considering running away. 

Good ending:Edit

Takahiro tells Utako that running away is never the answer to your problems, and instead suggests that if she talks it out with the Queen, they might be more willing to see each others' point of view. Utako agrees to give it a shot, and talks with the Queen, eventually reaching a compromise with her. 

Bad ending:Edit

Takahiro tells Utako she should stick with the royal family, even if she is criticized, Utako harshly tells him that he's just like the others, telling her to stay anyway. She breaks up with him, and since he needs to stay in the castle, simply tells him never to talk to her again. 

Neutral ending:Edit

Takahiro convinces Utako to run away if she truly isn't happy there. The two agree to stay in touch, and Takahiro agrees to not say anything about her disappearance. It ends with him wondering if there was a better way.


  • Utako (written as 歌子) means "song child".
  • Utako is the only love interest with three possible endings instead of two, as she is the only one with a neutral ending.
  • She is the youngest of her sisters.
  • Utako is loosely based off the VN's creator, so far as sharing the appearance and tomboyish personality, but the creator of the VN is American, and also not a musician.
  • In her bad ending, it's outright stated that she's going to go live with her father while in her neutral ending, it's only implied.
  • Ryouta has a crush on her that she is aware of. In her own route, she stays with Takahiro, but the two do actually get together in Mai's good ending (considered the "true ending" of the game).
  • Utako's problem in her route is the most "external" of them all; by that we mean that her problem is the only one that's not connected to some sort of personality disorder (like Hinata's OCD, Shizuka's crippling social anxiety)
    • This is not entirely true; some people argue that due to the Queen and Aya bullying her, Utako has developed a sense of inferiority (feeling like she's not good enough), and that's what she is trying to hide from Takahiro until it pushes her to run away.

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