Princess Shizuka
Basic info
Age 17
Birthday December 20
Talent Writing
Friends Utako, Mai, Takahiro, Daichi
Occupation Princess
"I'm really glad you came... it can get lonely here."


Princess Shizuka Nishihime (西姫静香 Nishihime Shizuka) is one of the five romanceable love interests for the protagonist. Her talent is writing, whether it's stories, poems, or songs.


Shizuka has medium-length curly brown hair that she usually ties in a bun and light brown eyes. She is also the shortest of the princesses, despite being the oldest. Her outfit is a long green dress with long sleeves and her tiara.


Shizuka is shy, and subsequently quiet. She often secludes herself in the library to read and write, though she seems to be good friends with Mai and Utako. It takes a lot to get her to open up to someone, though she is a kind person with good intentions.


  • She is a skilled writer, capable of writing stories, plays, poems, and songs.
  • She knows a few things about music (she likely picked up the knowledge from Utako)


Takahiro starts to spend more time with Shizuka in the library. Shizuka is happy to have someone, but he notices that she is starting to seclude herself more and more often, to the point of even being afraid to be in public. While she was always shy, she's never been this bad. Near the middle of the route, everyone else starts noticing Shizuka's frequent absence and gets increasingly concerned. Shizuka has seemed to just cut off social situations entirely. She's barely even talking to Utako anymore, and she was always a bit closer with Utako than with the others. The only person she lets near her is Takahiro, but even as he tries to get her to explain why she secludes herself, she never does. Near the end of the route, Takahiro finally confronts her. He asks her why she is suddenly becoming more reclusive than ever. Shizuka hesitates before answering. 

Good ending:Edit

Takahiro pushes the issue, and states that he will not leave until Shizuka gives him an answer. Shizuka finally breaks down, admitting that she knows she will meet a lot of critics in writing, and she is afraid of what people think of her. She had been secluding herself so they won't say anything bad about her. Takahiro then gets her out of the library, and goes to Utako and Mai, who are both happy to see her. It ends with the four of them going off to do something together.

Bad ending:Edit

Takahiro drops the issue, and leaves Shizuka alone. He comes back the next day, and she tells him to leave. She accuses him of being a critic just like everyone else. She breaks up with him, leaving Takahiro confused and upset. 


  • Shizuka (written as 静香) means "Quiet" or "Static".
  • Shizuka is the oldest princess.
  • She is the only left-handed princess.
  • She used to wear glasses when she was younger, but switched to contacts some time before the game begins.

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